5C-16.001. Definitions  

Effective on Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • 1For the purpose of this rule chapter, the definitions in Sections 12585.001 13and 14585.01, F.S., 16and the following shall apply:

    21(1) Avian Influenza (AI) ‒ an infectious disease of wild birds and domestic Poultry caused by a virus in the f42amily Orthomyxoviridae, genus Influenza virus A.

    48(2) Avian Influenza Approved Test ‒ antibody or antigen capture methodologies recognized by NPIP and conducted at a laboratory approved to conduct such tests by USDA, APHIS.

    75(3) Control Area ‒ a limited movement area established by the Division of Animal Industry that is at least ten (10) km (~6.21 miles) beyond the perimeter of a Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza infected premises.

    110(4) Domestic Fowl ‒ any member of the class Aves that is propagated or mainta125ined under control of a person for commercial, exhibition, or breeding purposes, or as pets.

    140(5) Emergency Management Response System (EMRS) ‒ a USDA, APHIS, web-based application for authorized users in the reporting of routine investigations of foreign a164nimal diseases (FADS), surveillance and control programs, state specific disease outbreaks, and national animal health emergency responses (all-hazards).

    182(6) Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza ‒ an Avian Influenza virus of H5 or H7 subtype that has an intra201venous pathogenicity index in six (6) week old chickens greater than or equal to one point two (1.2) or causes greater than seventy-five (75) percent mortality in four (4) to eight (8) week old chickens infected intravenously.

    238(7) National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) ‒ a cooperative state-federal-industry program for prevention and control of certain hatchery-disseminated diseases and for improvement of Poultry and Poultry Products as provided in 2689 CFR §§145-147 271(2018) as adopted in Rule 2765C-3.001, 277F.A.C278.

    279(8) Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (OCVI) ‒ a legible record of certificate made on an official form from the animal’s state of origin, issued and signed by veterinarians licensed and accredited in the animal’s state of origin for the purpose of certifying the official individual identifications, test requirements, and health status of specific animals for movement, exhibition, and other designated purposes.

    341(9) Poultry ‒ chicken, turkeys, quail, pheasants, chukars, peafowl, guineas, ratites, and waterfowl. The term also includes other Domestic Fowl used for commercial, exhibition or breeding purposes, or as pets.

    371(10) Poultry Products ‒ hatching eggs, breeder flocks for imported hatching eggs, chicks, or poults less than four (4) days old, chicks, poults, litter, and offal but does not include table eggs and processed Poultry for human consumption.

    409(11) Racing Pigeon ‒ homing pigeons used to race. The homing pigeon is a variety of domestic pigeon (428Columba livia domestica431) derived from the rock pigeon, selectively bred to find its way home over extremely long distances.

    448(12) USDA, APHIS. The United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services.

    463Rulemaking Authority 465570.07(23), 466585.002(4), 467585.08(2) FS. 469Law Implemented 471585.08, 472585.11(1), 473585.145, 474585.16 FS. 476History–New 1-1-67, Formerly 5C-16.01, Amended 7-3-95, 9-21-16, 8-25-19.