5C-22.002. Definitions  

Effective on Sunday, July 3, 2005
  • 1The definitions contained in Section 6585.001, 7Florida Statutes, and the following shall apply in this rule chapter:

    18(1) Attending Veterinarian – a veterinarian who is licensed in the state of Florida and accredited by the USDA to perform federal regulatory activities in the state of Florida.

    47(2) State Approved Premises – premises where the horse(s) is (are) quarantined and which have been inspected by a representative of the Department and approved by the State Veterinarian.

    76(3) Supervising Veterinarian – a state or federally employed regulatory veterinarian.

    87Rulemaking Authority 89585.002(4), 90585.08(2)(a) FS. 92Law Implemented 94585.001 FS. 96History–New 6-3-93, Amended 7-3-95.