5C-22.009. Disposition of Horses Which Fail to Qualify for Release From Quarantine  

Effective on Thursday, June 3, 1993
  • 1In the event that a horse fails, for whatever reason, to qualify for release from quarantine within eighteen (18) months of initiation of testing and treatment, the procedure shall be declared a failure. In such an event, the horse must be:

    42(1) Moved under official permit directly to slaughter without unloading enroute; or

    54(2) Humanely euthanized and the carcass destroyed under Department supervision by burial or incineration.

    68Rulemaking Authority 70585.002(3), 71585.08(2)(a) FS. 73Law Implemented 75585.08(2)(b), 76585.145(1), 77585.16, 78585.17, 79585.18, 80585.19, 81585.23 FS. 83History–New 6-3-93.


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