5C-22.010. Laboratory Tests and Cultures  

Effective on Thursday, June 3, 1993
  • 1All required laboratory tests and cultures must be conducted by the Department’s Osceola County Diagnostic Laboratory in Kissimmee or by the USDA’s National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa. All materials for culture or testing must be accompanied by a statement indicating proper identification of the horse(s) and the date and time of collection, and must be received by the laboratory within 48 hours of collection. Specimens (bacteriological swabs) must be submitted in Amies transport media (with charcoal) and refrigerated at approximately four to six degrees centigrade during transit. Payment of charges for required laboratory tests and analyses shall be the responsibility of the veterinarian submitting the samples as arranged with the laboratory which performs the tests or analyses.

    120Rulemaking Authority 122585.002(3), 123585.08(2)(a) FS. 125Law Implemented 127585.002(4), 128585.145(1), 129585.16, 130585.61(4) FS. 132History–New 6-3-93.


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