5C-4.004. Poultry, Domestic Fowl and Ratites  

Effective on Wednesday, November 21, 2018
  • 1(1) OCVI Required. An OCVI is required for Poultry, Domestic fowl or Ratites for movement into Florida, but not specifically for exhibition. However, Poultry, Domestic fowl or Ratites presented for exhibition without an OCVI, must be inspected as provided in subsection 425C-4.0017(4), 43F.A.C.

    44(2) Test or Certification Required. All poultry or domestic fowl entered for exhibition must originate from Pullorum-Typhoid Clean flocks or hatcheries, as provided in 689 CFR §145 71(Jan. 2018) and §147 (Jan. 2018), or have a negative pullorum-typhoid test within 90 days prior to exhibition. 899 CFR §145 92(Jan. 2018) and §147 (JAN 2018) are hereby incorporated by reference and available online at 107http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-10045109.

    110Rulemaking Authority 112585.002(4), 113585.08(2)(a), 114585.145(2) FS. 116Law Implemented 118585.08(2)(a), 119585.145(1), 120(2) FS. History–Amended 4-20-67, 4-18-84, 4-4-85, Formerly 5C-4.04, Amended 6-21-87, 4-17-89, 1-19-95, 6-4-95, 6-21-06, 11-21-18.


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