5C-5.003. Facilities  

Effective on Sunday, June 4, 1995
  • 1(1) All livestock markets shall provide sufficient testing facilities and personnel, proper inspection pens, adequate water supply, and adequate equipment for routine disinfection of facilities and vehicles.

    28(2) All livestock markets shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected weekly or more often if deemed necessary under supervision of a representative of the Division. Each market operator shall be responsible for the proper cleaning of his market. Disinfecting equipment and materials will be furnished by the department.

    76Rulemaking Authority 78585.002(4), 79585.08(2) FS. 81Law Implemented 83585.11(1), 84(2) FS. History–Amended 5-20-63, Formerly 5C-5.03, Amended 6-4-95.


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