5C-6.0019. Herd and Premise Management  

Effective on Monday, June 1, 1992
  • 1(1) Cattle and bison owners are required to practice sound herd management and sanitation procedures necessary to maintain herds free from infection as recommended by representatives of the department.

    30(2) Cleaning and disinfection of infected premises. Premises shall be cleaned and disinfected under regulatory supervision within 15 days following removal of reactors, or the entire herd, for slaughter. An extension of time may be considered under extenuating circumstances. Exemptions from cleaning and disinfection requirements, when indicated, may be authorized by state and federal regulatory officials.

    86(3) Quarantine and retest of infected herds.

    93(a) A brucellosis infected herd shall be quarantined and retested in accordance with an individual herd plan. Under routine conditions, retests will be conducted at approximately 30-day intervals until the herd has had a negative complete herd test occurring not less than 30 days after removal and sale for slaughter of the last reactor, and then another test to occur not less than 180 days following the removal of the last reactor. The herd test shall include all test-eligible animals in the herd. The releasing test and the six-month post quarantine test must include all nonneutered animals six months of age or older, including all animals which have been officially vaccinated for at least six months. Continuation of testing at 30-day intervals between the first and second negative herd tests is strongly recommended. Exceptions on the intervals between tests required for release of quarantine are allowable only when Brucella abortus strain 19 organisms have been isolated from the reactor animal(s) or all epidemiologic evidence is consistent with a Brucella abortus strain 19 infection and not with field strain infection. Herds with a possible strain 19 reactor on an initial herd test must be retested not less than 30 days after removal of the on-farm reactor to qualify for early quarantine release. Herds of origin of market cattle test reactors which test negative will be retested in 30 to 90 days if deemed necessary by the designated epidemiologist.

    330(b) An additional blood test of all test-eligible animals in the herd is required not less than six months after release of an infected herd from quarantine or not less than 10 months nor more than 16 months after removal of the last reactor.

    374(c) A herd management and testing plan (herd plan) for the elimination of brucellosis from each infected herd shall be developed by the herd owner, his veterinarian if so requested, and a regulatory veterinarian. The herd plan shall be formalized as a memorandum of agreement between the owner and the state-federal animal health officials, and may be reevaluated and changed as agreed to by all parties concerned to fit the individual cattleman's need. The herd plan will utilize those veterinary procedures most applicable and the proven herd management procedures necessary to assist in preventing the spread of brucellosis within the herd and thereby eradicating the disease from the herd. It shall be the responsibility of all parties to the agreement to adhere to the plan throughout the period of eradication of the disease from the herd.

    510(4) Services to owner. Services shall be rendered without expense to the livestock owner as long as funds for such purposes are available; however, owners are to provide for handling of their animals. Brucellosis vaccine shall be distributed without cost to owners of cattle in Florida, as long as funds for such purposes are available, and administered by employees of the department, accredited veterinarians, and approved agents of the state and federal governments. Contracts with accredited veterinarians, non-professionals, other state and federal agencies, or with the management of privately owned firms are to be used as needed to assist state and federal animal health personnel accomplish necessary sample collections, animal identification and other activities.

    624Rulemaking Authority 626585.002(3), 627585.08(2) FS. 629Law Implemented 631585.08(1), 632(3), 633585.11(1), 634(2), 585.155(1), (2), (3), (4) FS. History–New 6-1-92.


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