5C-6.00192. Herds and Herd Status  

Effective on Monday, June 1, 1992
  • 1(1) A complete herd test as required by this chapter shall include all test eligible cattle or bison in the herd. Test eligible animals shall include all animals over six months of age except steers, spayed heifers, bulls less than 18 months of age, official calf vaccinates of dairy breeds under 20 months of age, and official calf vaccinates of beef breeds under 24 months of age which are not parturient (springers) or post parturient.

    76(2) A herd includes all cattle or bison under common ownership or supervision that are grouped on one or more parts of any single premises, or on two or more premises geographically separated but which have had an interchange movement or contact. Such contact shall be accepted as having occurred unless otherwise established by the owner and consistent with the findings of the epidemiologic investigation. Groups of animals under multiple ownership on common premises, such as community pastures, grazing association units, etc., shall also be considered as a herd. Such herds shall include all other groups of animals owned by those persons unless the epidemiologic investigation establishes that association has not occurred. For determining herd infection rates, such negative multiple ownership may be counted as separate herds at risk and only designated as a single unit when classified as infected.

    216(3) A Certified Brucellosis-Free Herd is a herd in any area which meets the testing requirements as provided in Rule 2365C-6.002, 237F.A.C.

    238(4) Adjacent herds and contact herds. Adjacent herds, or herds sharing common pasture or having other contact with the infected herd, and herds containing previous purchases from or exchanges with the infected herd shall have an adjacent herd plan within 30 days of disclosure of the infected herd. The plan may involve testing up to the level of an infected herd. If a disagreement occurs, consultation between the herd owner, chief animal health official, the epidemiologist and the owner’s veterinarian, if requested, will be held to resolve the situation. When quarantine of the infected herd is released, the owners of the potentially exposed herds shall be notified of the desirability of a second negative herd test. If the adjacent or contact herd is not to be retested, a statement will be prepared by the regulatory official indicating that the value of a second test was discussed with the herd owner and listing the reasons why the herd was not retested. A copy of the statement will be given to the herd owner.

    410(5) Notice of brucellosis quarantine.

    415(a) State or federal program officials will notify herd owners in the immediate community about the presence of cattle and bison herds that have been placed under quarantine for brucellosis. Program officials will also notify herd owners in the immediate community when they approve the establishment of quarantined feedlots and quarantined pastures. Herd owners are to be notified by means of an educational letter delivered in person or by mail within 30 days of the date quarantines are issued. The purpose of this notification is to emphasize to owners the importance of taking appropriate actions to protect their cattle and bison against the possible spread of brucellosis as the result of the presence of an infected herd in their community. When the herd quarantine is released, or the approval of the quarantined feedlot or the quarantined pasture is terminated, the herd owners are also to be notified within 30 days by an educational letter delivered in person or by mail.

    575(b) The regulatory official in charge of the brucellosis program shall notify the state public health agency within 15 days of the imposition of each quarantine for brucellosis so that the agency may take appropriate steps to assist in detecting any existing human cases of brucellosis and in preventing further potential exposure of family members and employees to brucellosis.

    634Rulemaking Authority 636585.002(3), 637585.08(2) FS. 639Law Implemented 641585.08(1), 642(3), 643585.11(1), 644(2), 585.155(1), (2), (3), (4) FS. History–New 6-1-92.


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