5C-6.002. Certified Brucellosis-Free Herd Plan  

Effective on Monday, June 1, 1992
  • 1(1) Establishment of Certified Brucellosis-Free Herds. A herd may be certified as brucellosis-free when it has passed at least two consecutive negative tests of all test-eligible cattle or bison not less than 10 months nor more than 14 months apart. Where the milk ring test is employed, herds may be officially certified as brucellosis-free with a minimum of four consecutive negative milk ring tests conducted at not less than 90-day intervals followed by a negative complete herd blood test conducted within 90 days after the last negative milk ring test. Additional herd tests may be conducted if the owner so desires or the regulatory agencies deem it necessary.

    109(2) Maintenance of Certified Brucellosis-Free Herds.

    115(a) For continuous certification, a herd must have a negative herd blood test conducted within 60 days before the certification anniversary date. If the recertification test is conducted within 60 days after the anniversary date, the certification period will be 12 months from the anniversary date and not 12 months from the date of the recertifying test. During the interval between the anniversary date and the recertifying test, certification will be suspended. If a herd blood test for recertification is not conducted within 60 days after the anniversary date, certification requirements become the same as for initial certification. Brucellosis ring test procedures are not used for recertifying herds.

    223(b) If one or more reactors are disclosed in a certified herd, it shall be considered infected and the quarantine and retest provisions of subsection 2485C-6.0019(3), 249F.A.C., shall apply. The herd certification will be terminated until the herd again meets the requirements for initial certification. Herd retests for release of quarantine may also be used to fulfill the provisions required under paragraph (1) above. Herd certification may be reinstated without meeting the above provisions if there is epidemiologic and bacteriological culture evidence to show that reactor(s) were not infected with field strain Brucella abortus.

    317(c) Any animal which aborts shall be immediately isolated and a report thereof made to the chief state or federal regulatory official.

    339(d) Any milk fed to calves in certified herds must come from certified herds or be adequately pasteurized.

    357(3) Additions to Certified Brucellosis-Free Herds.

    363(a) Animals originating in Certified Brucellosis-Free Herds or Class Free areas may be added without test. Such animals shall not receive new herd status for sale purposes until they have passed a 60 to 120 day post-entry test.

    401(b) Calves under six months of age and official calf vaccinates under 20 months of age for dairy breeds and 24 months of age for beef breeds which are not parturient or post parturient may move without test from herds not known to be infected and which are not under quarantine.

    452(c) Test eligible cattle from herds not under quarantine in Class A, B, or C areas must have a negative blood test for brucellosis within 30 days before being added. In addition, all other requirements for interstate or intrastate movement must be met. All animals purchased from herds that are not Certified Brucellosis-Free must have a blood test 60 to 120 days after being added. Animals added to a Certified Brucellosis-Free Herd under this provision will not receive new herd status for sale purposes until they have passed a test 60 to 120 days after being added and have been included in the herd blood test on the next recertification test.

    563(d) Animals removed from a Certified Brucellosis-Free Herd for exhibition or other purposes and exposed to noncertified animals or premises can be returned to the herd only in accordance with paragraph 5945C-6.002(3)(c), 595F.A.C. above.

    597(e) Failure on the part of the holder of a Certified Brucellosis-Free Herd certificate to comply with these rules and regulations or to maintain adequate surveillance measures and proper testing schedules will result in revocation of such certification.

    635(4) Purchasing a Certified Brucellosis-Free Herd.

    641(a) If a Certified Brucellosis-Free Herd is purchased, a negative herd blood test is not required if the purchased animals remain on the premises. The anniversary date will remain the same but a new herd certification number will be issued.

    681(b) If part or all of a Certified Brucellosis-Free Herd is purchased and the animals move directly to premises without other animals, they may qualify for certification without a test. A new herd certification number will be issued. The anniversary date of the new herd is established by the test date of the herd of origin or by a new herd test of the purchased animals.

    747Rulemaking Authority 749585.002(3), 750585.08(2) FS. 752Law Implemented 754585.08(1), 755(3), 756585.11(1), 757(2), 585.155(1), (2), (3), (4) FS. History–Amended 9-1-72, 8-1-76, 9-30-80, 6-26-83, Formerly 5C-6.02, Amended 8-24-87, 6-1-92.


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