5C-6.007. Handling of Infected Swine Herds  

Effective on Monday, June 1, 1992
  • 1If infection is disclosed in swine herds, one of the following plans shall be selected for eradicating the disease and for subsequently qualifying the herd for Validated Brucellosis-Free status, if desired. Infected herds under test for area validation status shall also choose one of these plans to eradicate brucellosis from the herd.

    53(1) Plan 1: Infected commercial herds.

    59(a) The entire herd shall be disposed of for slaughter as soon as practicable.

    73(b) All buildings and equipment and as much of the hog lots as possible shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

    93(c) Replace with stock from validated or negative herds, if possible, placing them on clean ground that has been free of swine for at least 30 days.

    120(2) Plan 2: Infected purebred herds desiring to retain valuable blood lines.

    132(a) Separate pigs from sows at 28 days of age or younger, and isolate.

    146(b) Market infected herd for slaughter as soon as practicable. Infected sows shall not be rebred and shall be slaughtered as soon as possible. Complete isolation of infected animals is required. The separated weanling pigs form the nucleus for establishment of the brucellosis-free herd.

    190(c) Test gilts to be used for the following season about 30 days before breeding. Save only gilts which are negative and breed these only to negative boars.

    218(d) Retest gilts after farrowing and before moving them from the individual farrowing pens or crates. Should reactors be found, they should be segregated from the remainder of the herd and slaughtered as soon as possible. Only pigs from negative sows should be selected for breeding gilts.

    265(e) Repeat this process until the herd is negative. The herd is eligible for release from quarantine upon passing three consecutive negative tests 60 to 90 days apart, with the first test not less than 30 days after removal of the last reactor.

    308(3) Plan 3: Herds with light infection (only a few reactors and where no clinical signs of brucellosis have been noted).

    329(a) Remove reactors for slaughter.

    334(b) Retest the herds at 30-day intervals, removing reactors for slaughter until entire herd is negative.

    350(c) This plan shall be abandoned if the herd is not readily freed of infection.

    365(d) A herd is eligible for quarantine release upon passing three consecutive negative tests 60 days apart.

    382Rulemaking Authority 384585.002(3), 385585.08(2) FS. 387Law Implemented 389585.08(1), 390(3), 391585.11(1), 392(2), 393585.145 FS. 395History–Amended 9-1-72, 8-1-76, 9-30-80, 6-26-83, Formerly 5C-6.07, Amended 6-1-92.


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