5C-9.001. Definitions  

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  • 1For the purpose of this chapter, the following words shall have the meaning indicated:

    15(1) Department – State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Animal Industry.

    29(2) Livestock inspector – A competent person employed by the department or the U.S. animal health division to act as a livestock inspector, livestock market inspector, range rider, or quarantine line road guard.

    62(3) Tick free area – Any area in which cattle fever ticks are not known to exist, or in which tick eradication has been completed, or which is not under quarantine by the department because of the presence of cattle fever ticks.

    104(4) Systematic tick eradication area – Any area comprised of tick infested and exposed herds wherein active and regular dipping of all cattle, horses, mules and asses is being conducted under supervision of the department.

    139(5) Livestock market – Any place in the state where livestock is assembled for sale, whether by private sale or public auction, or on a commission basis, wholly or in part.

    170(6) Approved dipping solution – Any solution which is recognized and approved by the department or the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the eradication of cattle fever ticks.

    198Rulemaking Authority 200585.002(3), 201585.08(2), 202585.24(4), (5) FS. Law Implemented 207585.08(1), 208585.11(1) FS. 210History–New 6-29-62, Formerly 5C-9.01.