5E-14. Entomology - Pest Control Regulations

5E-14.102. Definitions
5E-14.103. Licensee Identification - Vehicles, Equipment
5E-14.104. Prohibited Acts
5E-14.105. Contractual Agreements in Public's Interest - Control and Preventive Treatment for Wood-Destroying Organisms
5E-14.106. Use of Pesticides - Labels, Limitations, Precautions
5E-14.108. Fumigation Requirements - General Fumigation
5E-14.110. Fumigation Requirements - Notices
5E-14.111. Fumigation Requirements - Application; Restrictions and Precautions
5E-14.112. Fumigation Requirements - Prefumigation Inspections, Evacuation, Warning Notices (Signs), Special Safety Precautions and Responsibilities
5E-14.113. Fumigation Requirements - Final Post-fumigation Clearance Inspection
5E-14.117. Application for Department Credentials
5E-14.123. Examinations
5E-14.132. Certificate Issuance and Renewal Fees
5E-14.136. Fumigation Special Identification Card Issuance, Renewal Fees, Forms, and Duties
5E-14.140. Emergency Pest Control Certificate - Qualifications, Applications, Restrictions
5E-14.142. Responsibilities and Duties - Records, Reports, Advertising, Applications
5E-14.147. Notice of Pesticide Application
5E-14.149. Enforcement and Penalties
5E-14.150. Customer Contact Centers
5E-14.151. Removal and Relocation of Bees from Structures, Lawns or Ornamentals
5E-14.1025. Inspections and Investigations
5E-14.1421. Identification Card - Training Verification