5E-4.002. Labels  

Effective on Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • 1(1) Form. The analysis tag or label shall carry the information required by section 15578.09, F.S., 17in substantially the following form:

    22(a) For agricultural seed:


    26(b) For mixed agricultural seeds:


    31(c) For coated agricultural seed:


    36(d) For combination mulch, seed, and fertilizer products:


    44(e) Vegetable seeds in packets which germinate above standard:


    53(f) Vegetable seeds in packets which germinate below standard:


    62(g) Vegetable seeds other than packet seeds:


    69(h) Flower seeds in packets that germinate above standard:


    78(i) Flower seeds in packets that germinate below standard:


    87(j) Flower seeds in containers other than packets, pure seed percentage below 90%:


    100(k) Flower seeds in containers other than packets, pure seed percentage above 90%:


    113(l) For tree or shrub seed:



    119(2) The maximum percent of seed moisture for hermetically sealed containers of agricultural or vegetable seed, shall be as follows:


    140Maximum percent Seed Moisture

    1441. Chenopodiaceae


    146a. Beet, chard


    150b. Spinach


    1532. Astercaeae – Lettuce


    1583. Brassicaceae


    160a. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, collard,


    165b. Chinese cabbage, kale, turnip, rutabaga,


    171c. Kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, mustard, radish


    1784. Cucurbitaceae


    180a. Cucumber, muskmelon, squash, pumpkin


    186b. Watermelon


    1895. Poaceae


    191a. Sweet corn


    195b. Kentucky bluegrass


    199c. Creeping red fescue


    204d. Annual ryegrass


    208e. Perennial ryegrass


    2126. Fabaceae


    214a. Snap bean, lima bean, pea


    221b. Crimson clover


    2257. Amaryllidaceae – Onion, leek, chive, Welsh onion


    2348. Solanaceae


    236a. Tomato


    239b. Pepper


    242c. Eggplant


    2459. Apiaceae


    247a. Carrot, celery, celeriac


    252b. Parsnip


    255c. Parsley


    25810. All other agricultural or vegetable seed not listed above


    269(3) The term “container” includes, bin, box, bag, barrel or bulk receptacle.

    281(4) All information required on the seed analysis tag or label shall be identified and placed on one side of the tag or label without intervening matter. No other information or matter shall be placed on this side of the tag or label unless such information is distinguished from the analysis labeling.

    333(5) Analysis tag or label for agricultural seed shall show a complete analysis, and the complete purity analysis shall total one hundred percent (100%). Blank spaces on a form tag shall be deemed to imply the word “None” when such interpretation is reasonable. Either numerals or the word “None” should be used to express a percentage or numbers per pound.

    393(6) The name of the kind and variety of seed shall not be abbreviated, but shall be written in the words, symbols or figures as expressed by the breeder’s designation of the seed.

    426(7) The place of origin shall not be used in connection with the name of variety or kind of seed, unless it is a part of the generally accepted name of kind or variety. Modifying words or phrases shall not be used in connection with the variety – as for example, “for forage purposes,” etc.; nor shall brand names be used as varietal names.

    491(8) Upon expiration of each germination test period as prescribed by subections 503578.09(2), 504(5), (6), (7), (8) and subsection 578.092(3) F.S., a new test shall be made and the result thereof, together with the date when same was completed, shall be shown on the label or tag attached to the container of such seed (a new label or tag is recommended).

    552(9) Different varieties of the same kind of seed, when in quantities of less than five percent (5%), will be shown on the label or tag as other crop seed.

    582(10) Hybrid varieties of seed shall be labeled with the word “Hybrid” as required by section 598578.09, F.S.


    601(a) Hybrid Oshkosh Alfalfa


    606other Alfalfa


    609Inert matter


    612Other crop seed


    616Weed seed


    619(b) Hybrid Wintergreen Cabbage


    624other Cabbage


    627Inert matter


    630Other crop seed


    634Weed seed


    637(11) The following wording will comply with the requirements of section 648578.26(1)(c), F.S., 650when printed on the analysis tag or label attached to the seed at the time of purchase by the buyer:

    670Notice: As a prerequisite to maintaining a legal action based upon the failure of seed to which this label is attached to produce as represented, a sworn complaint shall be made to the department within such time as to permit inspection of the crops, plants, or trees, accompanied by the required filing fee, and a copy of the complaint shall be sent to the seller by certified mail, in accordance with section 742578.26, F.S.

    744Rulemaking Authority 746578.11(2) FS. 748Law Implemented 750578.11(2), 751578.09, 752578.28, 753578.092 FS. History–New 11-21-69, Amended 12-1-70, 9-30-72, 3-1-73, Formerly 5E-4.02, Amended 3-4-93, 6-14-95, 7-7-19.