5I-4.005. Protection of Managed Lands  

Effective on Sunday, August 28, 2016
  • 1(1) No person shall:

    5(a) 6Enter or exit any managed lands except through designated entrance/exit points.

    17(b) Enter any managed lands for the purpose of using the resources or facilities therein without paying the appropriate fee, where applicable.

    39(c) Willfully mark, deface, damage, displace, remove, gain access from, 49or tamper with any buildings, facilities, bridges, tables, benches, fireplaces, railings, fences, paving or paving materials, water lines or other utilities, permanent or temporary signs, placards or notices, monuments, stakes, posts, boundary markers, equipment, other structures or property located on managed lands.

    91(d) Climb on or over any buildings, fences, facilities, structures, or historic ruins.

    104(e) Ignite or attempt to ignite any fire on managed lands except in designated areas. These areas include camping facilities, hunt camps and day use areas. No person shall leave a camping facility, hunt camp or day use area without completely extinguishing any fire started by said person.

    152(f) Dispose of burning matches, smoking materials or other inflammable items on managed lands except in designated receptacles.

    170(g) Destroy, injure, deface, mar, move, dig, harmfully disturb or remove any soil, sand, gravel, rocks, stones, minerals, trees, plants, artifacts or other materials from any managed lands.

    198(h) Hang any operating gas lantern within one foot of the main stem or bole of any tree on managed lands.

    219(i) Introduce into managed lands any plant or animal species.

    229(j) Possess or consume alcoholic beverages on managed lands where posted as prohibited by the Service.

    245(k) Use metal detectors on managed lands.

    252(l) Engage in disorderly conduct, as defined in Section 261877.03, F.S., 263on managed lands.

    266(m) 267Leave any item, including but not limited to tents, trailers, vehicles, motorcycles, or other items, in a campsite unattended before or after the registered camping dates on a Florida Forest Service Registration/Receipt, self-service pay envelope, or state forest authorization received from the Florida Forest Service field. Any lost or abandoned property on managed lands 321will be secured for up to 48 hours, and after a reasonable attempt is made to identify the rightful owner, items 342will be disposed of in accordance with Chapter 705, F.S.

    352(n) 353Leave any item within state forest boundary, including but not limited to, licensed vehicles or trailers, any structure of any nature, or any unattended items. Items shall be removed by the person(s) who placed anything within the state forest 392boundaries. 393Any lost or abandoned property on managed lands 401will be secured for up to 48 hours, and after a reasonable attempt is made to identify the rightful owner, items 422will be disposed of in accordance with Chapter 705, F.S.

    432(2) The Service will allow certain activities on state forest lands through issuance of a State Forest Use Permit (FDACS-11228, Rev. 07/15), hereby incorporated and adopted by reference, 460available at 462https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-05745464. A person wishing to engage in one of the activities listed in this section must contact the local Florida Forest Service office of the forest on which the person is requesting to engage in the proposed activity. The Service will issue a State Forest Use Permit 511(FDACS-11228, Rev. 07/15) 514provided the proposed use does not interfere with management objectives of that forest as provided in that forest’s management plan; create a nuisance to wildlife, other forest users, or Service staff; pose a threat to public safety; or create a risk of wildfire. Authorization to conduct the activity will be valid only for the time, place, and manner contained in the State Forest Use Permit 579(FDACS-11228, Rev. 07/15) 582issued and only for the individual or group listed. Unless authorized by a State Forest Use Permit (FDACS-11228, Rev. 07/15), no person shall do the following:

    608(a) Attach swings, rope, wire, signs, nails or other contrivance, whether permanent or temporary, to any tree, plant, other natural feature, or property within managed land.

    634(b) Cut, carve, mark, uproot, damage, break off limbs or branches, destroy or mutilate, or pick the flowers, seeds, or fruit of any living or dead plant or tree.

    663(c) Pick up or remove dead wood from managed lands, except for collecting firewood to be burned in a designated area in a campground or camp zone.

    690(d) Dig in or disturb the natural condition of any area on managed lands.

    704(e) Remove any plant life from any managed lands. Written permission to remove plant life shall be granted only if the Service determines that the removal is for an educational or research purpose and the proposed removal meets the criteria of subsection (2). A fee is not charged for the removal of plant life for an educational or research purpose.

    764(f) Engage in any construction activity on managed lands, except as provided herein.

    777(g) Operate any 780device as specified in Section 785934.50(2)(a), F.S. 787Any such device will only carry a nonlethal payload.

    796(h) Operate a commercial enterprise on managed lands. Written permission to operate a commerical enterprise shall be granted from the Service only if the commercial enterprise will provide a compatible service to forest visitors, the applicable fee has been paid in accordance with subsection 8405I-4.002(32), 841F.A.C., to the Service and the proposed operation meets the criteria of subsection (2)855.

    856Rulemaking Authority 858589.011(4) FS. 860Law Implemented 862589.04, 863589.011 FS. 865History–New 5-24-92, Amended 1-19-95, 5-15-95, 11-6-95, 5-31-04, 5-16-12, 9-30-15, 8-28-16.


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