5J-17.001. Probable Cause Panel  

Effective on Monday, May 11, 2015
  • 1(1) The probable cause panel is the committee designated by law to determine whether the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has sufficient evidence to proceed in the prosecution of a violation of Chapter 472, F.S., as applicable provision of Chapter 177, F.S., or any rules of the Board or the Department promulgated pursuant to those chapters of Florida Law. The panel makes its decision in a confidential meeting based on evidence provided by the Department as a result of the Department’s investigation of a complaint which the Department has already determined to be legally sufficient.

    97(2) The chair shall appoint two members to serve on the probable cause panel, one of which must be either a present or former surveyor and mapper member of the Board. The other member shall be a present or former consumer member of the Board if one is available and willing to serve. However, the probable cause panel must, at all times, contain a present board member. Nothing herein shall be construed to limit to one the number of surveyor and mapper past Board members that the chair may appoint to the probable cause panel if there are more than two members appointed to that panel by the chair.

    206(3) A majority vote of the probable cause panel shall determine whether probable cause exists to believe that a violation has occurred of Chapters 472, 177, F.S. or Chapter 5J-17, F.A.C. In the event the two members of the probable cause panel fail to agree on any particular case, the chair of the Board shall assign a third person to the probable cause panel solely for the purpose of casting the decisive vote in that case. The third person shall be a member of the Board.

    292Rulemaking Authority 294472.008, 295472.033(4) FS. 297Law Implemented 299472.033(4) FS. 301History–New 2-7-91, Amended 3-23-93, Formerly 21HH-1.0051, Amended 5-31-95, 7-27-00, Formerly 31161G17-1.0051, 312Amended 5-11-15.


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