5J-17.003. Applications for Licensure: Approved Schools and Colleges  

Effective on Monday, November 13, 2017
  • 1(1) For purposes of Section 6472.013(2), F.S., 8colleges and universities accredited by a regional association of colleges and universities recognized by the United States Department of Education are deemed approved by the Board.

    34(2) Foreign colleges and universities accredited or approved by the national government of the country where the college or university is located, or by any national or regional entity approved or recognized by said government, are deemed approved by the Board.

    75Rulemaking Authority 77472.013(4) FS. 79Law Implemented 81472.013(4) FS. 83History–New 1-3-80, Formerly 21HH-1.10, 21HH-1.010, Amended 5-31-95, 12-31-00, 2-23-05, Formerly 9361G17-1.010, 94Amended 11-13-17.


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