5J-17.004. Board Member Compensation  

Effective on Monday, January 11, 2010
  • 1(1) Board members shall be eligible to receive compensation of fifty dollars ($50.00) per day for attendance at regularly scheduled board meetings and also for attendance and participation in official board-related business. Examples of official board-related business include: meetings scheduled at the direction of the Board; committee meetings; committee or board workshops; meetings or conferences with Department staff or consultants; meetings or conferences attended at the request of the Commissioner or the Commissioner’s designee; judicial or administrative proceedings at which the board member appears as a witness or representative of the Board at the request of counsel to the Board; legislative meetings where discussion will be held concerning Chapter 472, F.S.; and legislative committee meetings where discussion will be held concerning Chapter 472, F.S.

    125(2) In the event a board member is present for a particular official meeting which is cancelled without prior notice, the board member shall be eligible for compensation provided the member was present at the scheduled time.

    162Rulemaking Authority 164472.007(5) FS. 166Law Implemented 168472.007(5) FS. 170History–New 5-23-82, Formerly 21HH-1.11, 21HH-1.011, Amended 5-31-95, Formerly 17861G17-1.011.