5J-17.016. Time for Compliance With Final Order; Probation  

Effective on Monday, November 13, 2017
  • 1(1) In cases where the Board imposes an administrative fine for a violation of Chapter 472, F.S., or of the rules promulgated thereunder, the penalty shall be paid within ninety (90) days of its imposition by order of the Board, unless a later time for payment is specified in the Board’s Order.

    53(2) Failure to pay an administrative fine within the time specified in this rule or in the Board’s Order shall constitute grounds for further disciplinary action against the licensee.

    82(3) For purposes of this rule, the term “administrative fine” civil penalty shall include the assessment of any fines, costs associated with investigation and prosecution of the complaint, including attorney’s fees, if applicable, and restitution.

    117(4) In cases where the Board imposes probation and/or suspension for violation of Chapter 472, F.S., or of the rules promulgated thereunder, the following conditions shall apply:

    144(a) The licensee shall be required to appear before the Probation Committee of the Board at such times as directed by the Executive Director, or as specified in the Final Order.

    175(b) At each probation appearance, 180in connection with the submission of surveys as required by the licensee being placed on probation, 196the licensee shall answer questions under oath and shall provide a list of all surveys performed including type of survey, since the entry of the Final Order if it is the first probation appearance or since the last probation appearance if it is other than the first probation appearance. In addition, the licensee shall provide such other information or documentation as is requested by either the Department, the Board or the Probation Committee. The licensee shall forward said documentation to the Board in advance of the probation appearance.

    284(c) The burden shall be solely upon the licensee to remember the requirement for said appearance, and to take the necessary steps in advance of said appearance to contact the Board office and ascertain the specific time, date, and place of said appearance. The licensee shall not rely on getting notice of said appearance from the Board or the Department.

    344(d) Should the licensee violate any condition of probation, it shall be considered a violation of Section 361472.0351(1)(h), F.S., 363and shall result in further disciplinary action by the Board.

    373(e) Should the licensee’s license to practice surveying and mapping be suspended or otherwise placed on inactive status, or if the licensee leaves the practice of surveying and mapping for thirty (30) days or more, the probation period shall be tolled and shall resume running at the time the licensee reactivates the license or returns to the active practice of surveying and mapping, and the licensee shall then serve the time remaining in the term of probation.

    450Rulemaking Authority 452472.008 FS. 454Law Implemented 456472.0202, 457472.0351 FS. 459History–New 2-23-05, Formerly 46261G17-2.006, 463Amended 10-17-12, 11-13-17.


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