5J-17.022. Applications for Surveyor and Mapper Intern/Surveyor in Training  

Effective on Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • 1(1) To meet the educational requirements of section 9472.013(3) F.S., 11the applicant must:

    14(a) Obtain the required semester hours pursuant to section 23472.013(3)(a) 24or (b), F.S., in a college or university approved by the Board; and must:

    38(b) Provide an official transcript from the college or university, or a Letter of Good Standing as supplied in “Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers Application for Licensure as Surveyor in Training,” FDACS-10055, Rev. 02/12, incorporated by reference in paragraph 795J-17.029(1)(c), 80F.A.C., which was completed by the college or university, 89and if pursuing licensure under section 472.013(3)(b), F.S., must:

    98(c) Provide evidence of specific surveying and mapping experience pursuant to rule 1105J-17.020, 111F.A.C.

    112(2) Approval of the Application for Surveyor in Training by the Board will allow the person to take the Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) examination.

    136Rulemaking Authority 138472.013 FS. 140Law Implemented 142472.013 FS. 144History–New 11-13-17, Amended 7-15-18.


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