5J-17.030. Certification of Eligibility for Examination and Notification to Applicants  

Effective on Wednesday, October 17, 2012
  • 1(1) The Department, or its designee, will review all applications for licensure by examination to determine completeness of the application.

    21(2) The Department shall make a determination whether an application is complete within thirty (30) days after receipt. The Board shall determine whether the applicant is qualified to take the licensure examination at the next available meeting of the Board. Applicants may attend the Board meeting when their application is considered, briefly address the Board, and submit evidence on their behalf. This eligibility determination shall be made within the time requirements of Section 94120.60(1), F.S.

    96(3) If the Department or board determines that the applicant is not qualified to take the examination the applicant may petition for a hearing before an administrative law judge under Sections 127120.569 128and 129120.57, F.S.

    131(4) After a decision is made by the Board that an applicant meets the lawful requirements for the licensure examination, the Department will submit the name of the applicant to the testing vendor for the next examination for which space is available.

    173(5) If all certified candidates cannot be scheduled for the next examination due to space, time, or other limitations beyond the control of the Department, the candidates will be scheduled chronologically according to the date each applicant submitted their application.

    213(6) The Department or vendor, if applicable, will notify applicants of the time, place, and date of the examination and provide the applicant with an official admission card or confirmation number, which will be required for admission to the examination. The Department or vendor shall inform the candidate of the length of the examination, subject content of the examination, and any special equipment or materials needed for the examination.

    282Rulemaking Authority 284472.008 FS. 286Law Implemented 288120.60, 289472.0131(1), 290472.015 FS. 292History–New 10-17-12.


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