5J-17.044. Obligations of Continuing Education Providers  

Effective on Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • 1To maintain status as a continuing education provider, the provider must:

    12(1) Furnish the Board with a list of courses being offered, which shall include each course name, instruction method, and total number of credit hours to be awarded for each course successfully completed. 45If courses are removed, or no longer offered at any point during the biennium, the continuing education provider shall notify the Board in writing within thirty (30) days73.

    74(2) Require each licensee to complete the entire course or seminar in order to receive a certificate of completion for the course or seminar.

    98(3) 99Furnish each participant with an individual certificate of completion that contains the licensee’s name, the licensee’s license number, the provider name, the provider number, the course name, the course number, date of course completion, and the 135total number of credit hours 140fulfilled by the course.

    144(4) Continuing education providers must provide their Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services continuing education provider number on all course advertisements.

    165(5) An attendance record shall be maintained by the provider for four (4) years and shall be available for inspection by the Board, its designee, the Department, or the Department’s designee.

    196(6) Providers must electronically provide to the Department a list of attendees taking a course within thirty (30) business days of the completion of the course. The list shall include the provider’s name, the name and license number of the attendee, the date the course was completed, the course number and the total number of hours successfully completed.

    254(7) If the instructor is receiving credit as set forth in subsection 2665J-17.041(2), 267F.A.C., the instructor shall be listed as an attendee with the same information required above.

    282(8) Providers shall maintain security of attendance records and certificates. For correspondence study courses, the provider must electronically supply the list of those individuals successfully completing the course by the 5th of the month following the calendar month in which the provider received documentation and was able to determine the successful completion of the course by the individual.

    340(9) Ensure that all promotional material for courses or seminars offered to professional surveyors and mappers for credit contain the course number and the provider number.

    366(10) Allow only one (1) continuing education credit for 375no less than fifty (50) minutes of 382classroom, audio or video instruction.

    387(11) Allow only one (1) continuing education credit for each “hour of correspondence study.” The “hour of correspondence study” must be based on the average completion time of each course as established by the provider. For correspondence study, provide to each participating licensee a written exam. In order to complete the course, the licensee must receive a minimum grade of seventy percent (70%). If a licensee fails the exam, they will be permitted to take the exam again until a passing grade is achieved.

    471(12) Notify the Board within fourteen (14) days of any change in the address or telephone number of the provider.

    491(13) Provide courses or seminars designed to enhance the education of surveyors and mappers in the practice of surveying and mapping.

    512(14) Discontinue allowing an instructor to conduct a course or seminar upon receipt of notice pursuant to subsection 5305J-17.043(6), 531F.A.C., and provide timely confirmation of same as required by that rule.

    543(15) All information or documentation, including electronic course rosters, submitted to the Department shall be submitted in a format acceptable to the Department. Failure to comply with time and form requirements will result in disciplinary action taken against the provider. 583After a licensee’s completion of a course, the information must be submitted to the department electronically no later than thirty calendar days thereafter. However, the continuing education provider shall electronically report to the department completion of a licensee’s course within ten days beginning on the 30th day before the renewal deadline or prior to the renewal date, whichever occurs first. 643No provider may reapply for continuing education provider status until at least two (2) years have elapsed since the entry of any final order against the provider.

    670(16) Online/internet courses shall be treated as correspondence courses for continuing education purposes, as set forth in subsection (11), above.

    690Rulemaking Authority 692472.008, 693472.011, 694472.018, 695472.027 FS. 697Law Implemented 699472.018, 700472.027 FS. 702History–New 3-28-94, Amended 5-30-95, 7-27-00, 8-18-03, 8-18-04, 12-28-05, 1-29-07, Formerly 71261G17-5.0043, 713Amended 10-17-12, 5-11-15, 11-13-17, 7-15-18.


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