5J-17.046. Duration of Provider Status  

Effective on Monday, January 11, 2010
  • 1(1) Continuing education providers are approved only for the biennium during which they applied and must renew their provider status at the beginning of each biennium. The biennium for continuing education providers ends on May 31st of each odd-numbered year.

    41(2) Providers seeking renewal may continue to offer programs to licensees of the Board for credit until such time as expiration of provider status occurs or an order denying renewal of continuing education provider status is filed with the Agency clerk.

    82Rulemaking Authority 84472.008, 85472.018 FS. 87Law Implemented 89455.2179(1), 90472.018 FS. 92History–New 3-28-94, Amended 5-30-95, 5-31-00, 6-22-03, Formerly 9961G17-5.0045.