5J-17.200. Definitions  

Effective on Monday, November 13, 2017
  • 1When used in Rule Chapter 5J-17, F.A.C., the following terms shall have the meanings provided:

    16(1) “Country” shall mean any independent or dependent governmental unit with established boundaries within the Western Hemisphere.

    33(2) “A country in the Western Hemisphere which lacks diplomatic relations with the United States” shall mean any country which the Secretary of State of the State of Florida confirms lacks diplomatic relations with the United States.

    70(3) “Western Hemisphere” shall mean the land masses known as North America, Central America and South America and the islands which are geographically related to such masses.

    97Rulemaking Authority 99472.0101 FS. 101Law Implemented 103472.0101 FS. 105History–New 10-17-12, Amended 11-13-17.


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