5J-17.210. Fees for Foreign Trained Exiled Professionals  

Effective on Wednesday, October 17, 2012
  • 1(1) Applicants for licensure as foreign-trained exiled professionals shall submit an application fee of $100 with their application.

    19(2) The fees for examination of foreign-trained exiled professionals shall be determined by the cost to the Department for acquisition, preparation, administration, grading and the review of examinations. The examination fees shall be assessed to each applicant by the Department and such fees shall be paid to the Department by the applicant when the Department requires. The examination fees shall be paid in two parts.

    84(a) The examination development fee shall be paid to the Department when the applicant is notified that his application is complete, that he is qualified for examination and that the examination development fee in the amount stated is due, including the date the fee is due.

    130(b) The examination administration fee shall be paid to the Department before the date due when the Department notifies the applicant that he is scheduled to sit for the examination and the time and place of the examination for which the applicant is scheduled.

    174(3) Upon notification of passage of the examination, the applicant shall pay to the Department a licensing fee of $200 prior to receipt of the license to practice.

    202Rulemaking Authority 204472.0101 FS. 206Law Implemented 208472.0101 FS. 210History–New 10-17-12.


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