5J-18.0125. Fencing and Gate Standards  

Effective on Thursday, May 2, 2019
  • 1ASTM International Committee F-24 on Amusement Rides and Devices Designations F1159-16 and F2291-18, 14as incorporated by reference in rule 205J-18.0011, 21F.A.C., 22and the following shall be the fencing and gate standards for amusement rides:

    35(1) Amusement ride train crossing points may use railroad type protection devices.

    47(2) Natural barriers (ponds or streams, earthen mounds and shrubs or other vegetation) may be utilized when such barriers serve to prevent spectators or riders from gaining access or otherwise coming in contact or close proximity with amusement rides prior to, during or after operation.

    92Rulemaking Authority 94616.165, 95616.242(4)(c) FS. 97Law Implemented 99616.242 FS. 101History–New 5-30-10, 103Formerly 1045F-8.0125, 105Amended 7-27-17, 5-2-19.