5J-20.043. Out of Service Account Procedure  

Effective on Wednesday, June 27, 2018
  • 1(1) All licensed suppliers of LP gas shall:

    9(a) Identify those accounts where stationary, company-owned tanks with a 100 gallon or more container capacity have been out of service for a period of 12 months, and within 60 days, provide for the safe removal of the container or containers, install a suitable mechanical device that prevents the system from being activated or have a pressure leak safety check pursuant to Annex C of NFPA 54 as incorporated by reference in rule 825J-20.002, 83F.A.C., performed every 12 months. The supplier shall provide reasonable notice to the customer prior to initiating such procedures. For 103underground containers, an abandonment procedure pursuant to section 6.8.6, NFPA 58 as incorporated by reference in rule 1205J-20.002, 121F.A.C., may be initiated in lieu of removal. The licensed supplier must obtain written approval of the property owner prior to abandoning the container on the property.

    148(b) In the event an account is reactivated, the supplier shall perform an appropriate pressure leak safety check. Each supplier shall maintain records of such inactive accounts suitable for inspection by the Department.

    181(2) All consumers, end users or owners of LP gas containers shall:

    193(a) Within 60 days initiate the safety procedures outlined in paragraph (1)(a), above, for any stationary LP gas tank with a 100 gallon or more container capacity which has not been in use for a period of 12 months.

    232(b) Alternatively, have a prescribed pressure leak safety check performed annually by licensed, qualified personnel.

    247Rulemaking Authority 249527.06 FS. 251Law Implemented 253527.06 FS. 255History–New 7-23-86, Amended 2-6-90, 8-9-92, Formerly 4B-1.029, Amended 4-30-96, 9-2-02, 1-29-06, Formerly 2675F-11.043, 268Amended 6-27-18.


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