5J-20.046. Introducing Gas into Containers for Transportation  

Effective on Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • 1No dealer or dispenser of liquefied petroleum gas shall introduce liquefied petroleum gas into any container if such is to be transported in or on any vehicle unless the provisions of NFPA No. 58, Chapter 9, as incorporated by reference in rule 435J-20.002, 44F.A.C., are complied with. It shall be the responsibility of the dealer or dispenser to ensure that the transportation of any such container brought to his premises and while upon or about his premises complies with the above stated regulations subsequent to filling.

    87Rulemaking Authority 89527.06 FS. 91Law Implemented 93527.06 FS. 95History–New 8-7-80, Formerly 4A-1.15, Amended 7-18-85, Formerly 4B-1.11, Amended 10-8-86, 2-6-90, Formerly 4B-1.011, Amended 1-29-06, Formerly 1115F-11.046, 112Amended 7-10-19.


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