5J-20.048. Storage of Cylinders Awaiting Use, Resale, or Exchange  

Effective on Wednesday, June 27, 2018
  • 1(1) A3ll cylinders awaiting use, resale, or exchange at a location open to the public shall be stored in storage units meeting the requirements of Chapter 8, NFPA 58 as incorporated by reference in rule 375J-20.002, 38F.A.C.

    39(2) The following signs shall be affixed to the front of the unit and all approachable sides: “Propane” or “Flammable Gas,” and “No Smoking” 64or the universally-recognized symbol for “no smoking.” Signs shall not be faded or unreadable.

    78(3) The servicing dealer’s name and emergency telephone number(s) shall be prominently posted 91on the front of the unit. For purposes of this rule, the “front” shall be the part of the unit most likely to be approached by the public.

    119Rulemaking Authority 121527.06 FS. 123Law Implemented 125527.06(2) FS. 127History–New 2-5-91, Formerly 4B-1.035, Amended 7-20-95, 7-28-14, Formerly 1355F-11.048, 136Amended 6-27-18.


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