5J-20.062. Approved Courses of Continuing Education  

Effective on Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • 1(1) Courses, which cover one or more of the following topics, shall be approved for continuing education credit for Category I, II and V Qualifiers and Master Qualifiers:

    29(a) Inspections and maintenance of LP gas facilities and equipment.

    39(b) State and federal LP gas laws, rules and regulations, codes and standards.

    52(c) Gas emergency procedures, fire protection, or risk management planning.

    62(d) Gas storage and distribution facility operations and safety.

    71(e) Gas transportation and delivery.

    76(f) Gas liquid transfer.

    80(g) Gas tanks, cylinders and equipment.

    86(h) Gas liquid and vapor distribution systems and equipment.

    95(i) Gas equipment and appliance service, installation and repair.

    104(2) Sixteen hours of continuing education during the three-year period must be attained in order for the Qualifier or Master Qualifier to renew certification. Continuing education credits will be granted on an hour-for-hour basis for up to four hours credit per class. For each 3 year period, a minimum of two hours shall be from paragraph (a), (b) or (c), in subsection (1), above.

    168(3) Continuing education classes provided by the employer shall be documented as outlined in rule 1835J-20.060, 184F.A.C., and records shall be maintained for a period of three years at the employee’s work location. These records shall be available for inspection by the department upon request.

    213(4) No more than two approved courses per topic as listed in subsection (1) shall be accepted in order to meet the 16 hour requirement.

    238(5) No more than four credit hours shall be accepted for safety related meetings that have not been approved pursuant to rule 2605J-20.063, 261F.A.C.

    262Rulemaking Authority 264527.0201, 265527.06 FS. 267Law Implemented 269527.0201, 270527.055, 271527.06 FS. 273History–New 1-15-02, Amended 7-28-14, Formerly 2785F-11.062, 279Amended 7-10-19.