5J-20.063. Approval of Outside Vendor Training Programs  

Effective on Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • 1(1) Outside vendors providing training to industry personnel for the purposes of continuing education credits shall submit FDACS-03586, LP Gas Continuing Education Course Approval Application,  05/19, as incorporated by reference in rule 335J-20.004, 34F.A.C. for review and approval.

    39(2) Courses which fail to meet the criteria of chapter 527, F.S., or this rule will not be approved by the department and shall not be eligible for continuing education credits.

    70(3) The outside vendor shall review the course content annually and immediately notify the department of any revisions to course materials or documents and shall provide copies of such revisions or documents to the department for review.

    107(4) The approval for such courses will expire five years from the approval date. Courses must be reapproved in order to be eligible for continuing education credits.

    134Rulemaking Authority 136527.0201, 137527.055, 138527.06 FS. 140Law Implemented 142527.0201, 143527.055, 144527.06 FS. 146History–New 1-15-02, Formerly 1495F-11.063, 150Amended 7-10-19.