5J-20.065. Re-examination Procedures  

Effective on Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • 1An applicant who fails any part of an examination is eligible to be re-examined on those parts failed. 19The applicant must submit FDACS-03584 LP Gas Qualifier and Master Qualifier Registration Application, 05/19, as incorporated by reference in rule 395J-20.004, 40F.A.C., and the applicable non-refundable examination fee as set forth in either sections 53527.0201(1) 54or 55527.0201(5)(a), F.S., 57for the type of examination being taken. Re-examinations must be completed within 90 calendar days of the original examination; however, no examinee is permitted to retake the failed examination more than two times within the 90-day period. If the applicant does not successfully complete and obtain a passing grade on the examination re-take within the 90-day period, the examinee shall be given a failing grade. After a 30-day period, the applicant must reapply to retake the entire examination.

    135Rulemaking Authority 137527.055, 138527.06 FS. 140Law Implemented 142527.0201, 143527.055, 144527.06 FS. 146History–New 1-15-02, Amended 7-28-14, Formerly 1515F-11.065, 152Amended 6-27-18, 7-10-19.