5J-20.071. Rate of Assessments; Effective Date  

Effective on Wednesday, June 27, 2018
  • 1(1) There is hereby assessed to every producer or retail marketer engaged in the production or sale of propane gas in this state the amount of $.003 per gallon of odorized gas sold in Florida for consumption in Florida; and $.003 per gallon of odorized gas imported into the state for consumption in the state.

    56(2) 57The rate set forth above, shall take effect at the beginning of the first full quarter immediately following adoption of the rule fixing this amount and shall apply to all odorized propane gas subject to the assessment sold during that quarter and thereafter until changed102.

    103Rulemaking Authority 105527.23(13) FS. 107Law Implemented 109527.23(9), 110(11), (12) FS. History–New 7-8-98, Amended 1-1-14, Formerly 1185F-11.071, 119Amended 6-27-18.


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