5J-20.072. Payment of Assessments  

Effective on Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • 1(1) 2Payment of the quarterly assessment shall be based on the odorized gallonage sold or imported into Florida during the quarter. 22Each producer or marketer shall certify to the department the 32volume 33of each load of propane gas sold or imported at the end of each quarter. The 49volume 50of propane gas sold for export outside the state shall also be certified to the department for audit purposes only. The amount of the quarterly assessment to be paid and certification of load volume shall be provided on FDACS-03524, LP Gas Odorizers/Importers Quarterly Remittance Report, Rev. 10/18, as incorporated by reference in rule 1035J-20.004, 104F.A.C.

    105(2) Assessment 107payments and the completed LP Gas Odorizers/Importers Quarterly Remittance Report must be received by 121the department no later than 45 calendar days after the end of each quarter.

    135(3) Failure to remit payment is a violation of chapter 527, F.S., and subject to penalties provided therein in addition to payment of the assessment.

    160Rulemaking Authority 162527.23(13) FS. 164Law Implemented 166527.12, 167527.13, 168527.23(9), 169(12) FS. History–New 7-8-98, Amended 1-1-14, Formerly 1765F-11.072, 177Amended 6-27-18, 7-10-19.