5J-20.078. Inspection Identification Stickers  

Effective on Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • 1The department shall affix a decal to any container, storage unit, liquefied petroleum gas system, or liquefied petroleum gas equipment or device to indicate that it has been inspected pursuant to section 33527.061, F.S. 35The decal shall be affixed in a manner that ensures it can be easily read by the public, but shall not obstruct other information on the inspected item intended to provide important information to the public, such as the owner’s contact information or information regarding propane safety. Decals shall only be removed, replaced, or altered by department personnel.

    93Rulemaking Authority 95527.06 FS. 97Law Implemented 99527.06, 100527.061, 101527.12, 102527.13, 103527.14 FS. 105History–New 7-28-14, 107Formerly 1085F-11.078, 109Amended 7-10-19.