5J-4.012. Facility of Equal Quality  

Effective on Wednesday, February 22, 1995
  • 1(1) For purposes of Section 6501.017, F.S., 8and this chapter, the Department shall consider the following factors in determining equal quality among health studios:

    25(a) A comparison of equipment, facilities, and health studio-related services offered or available to members;

    40(b) The availability of the equipment and facilities for use on the same days and times by the consumer;

    59(c) The distance between the facilities.

    65(2) The Department shall consider the factors listed above and make a determination of whether a health studio is a facility of equal quality, which determination shall apply to all applicable members.

    97Rulemaking Authority 99501.014(2)(a) FS. 101Law Implemented 103501.017(1)(b) FS. 105History–New 2-9-93, Amended 2-22-95.


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