Effective on Monday, March 16, 2020
  • 1(1) Inspections. The Department shall inspect the areas where Edibles are produced or manufactured at an MMTC to ensure compliance with the requirements of Chapter 500, 27F.S., 28and this rule chapter.

    32(2) Reinspections. Any reinspection required for an MMTC shall be charged a fee of $135.00 for recovery of the cost incurred to provide each reinspection. For the purposes of this section, a reinspection refers to any inspection conducted for the purpose of verifying compliance with Chapter 500, F.S., or the rules promulgated thereunder, following a previous inspection that requires a reinspection. Such inspection shall be indicated by issuance of an inspection report listing conditions that are not in compliance and which, when viewed as a whole, are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illnesses, or environmental health hazards.

    131Rulemaking Authority 133500.09, 134500.12, 135570.07(23) FS. 137Law Implemented 139500.12, 140500.147 FS. 142History–New 3-16-20.