5M-7.003. Presumption of Compliance  

Effective on Wednesday, May 31, 2006
  • 1In order to obtain the presumption of compliance with state water quality standards and release from the provisions of Section 21376.307(5), F.S., 23for those pollutants addressed by the practices the applicant must:

    33(1) Conduct an assessment of the subject properties using the Gulf Citrus BMP Checklist.

    47(2) Submit a Notice of Intent to Implement as outlined in Rule 595M-7.004, 60F.A.C.

    61(3) Implement the non-regulatory and incentive-based programs identified as a result of the assessment of the subject properties and listed in the Notice of Intent to Implement.

    88(4) Maintain documentation to verify the implementation and maintenance of the non-regulatory and incentive-based programs.

    103Rulemaking Authority 105403.067(7)(c)2. FS. 107Law Implemented 109403.067(7)(c)2. FS. 111History–New 5-31-06.


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