5M-7.004. Notice of Intent to Implement  

Effective on Wednesday, May 23, 2007
  • 1A Notice of Intent to Implement best management practices shall be submitted to FDACS, Office of Agricultural Water Policy, 1203 Governor’s Square Boulevard, Suite 200, Tallahassee, Florida 32301.

    29(1) Such notice of intent shall include:

    36(a) The practices the applicant will implement. The identified practices shall include the nutrient management practices listed in the manual that are applicable to the operation covered by the Notice of Intent. These nutrient management practices shall be initiated as soon as practicable after submittal of the Notice of Intent;

    86(b) The name of the property owner; the location of the operation; and the property tax ID number(s) or other property identification information;

    109(c) A timeline for implementation of each practice identified;

    118(d) The gross acreage on which each practice will be implemented;

    129(e) The name and contact information of an authorized representative; and,

    140(f) The signature of the owner, lease holder, or an authorized agent.

    152(2) Once filed with FDACS, the Notice of Intent to Implement shall enable the applicant to apply for assistance with implementation as identified in Section 177403.067(7)(c)2., F.S.

    179Rulemaking Authority 181403.067(7)(c)2. FS. 183Law Implemented 185403.067(7)(c)2. FS. 187History–New 5-31-06, Amended 5-23-07.


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