5N-1.100. Organization  

Effective on Wednesday, May 21, 2014
  • 1The Division of Licensing (Division), Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Department) is statutorily empowered with the authority to ensure that the public is protected from private investigation, security, and repossession services by individuals who have a criminal history, or are insufficiently or improperly trained in the field, or are unlicensed, or by agencies that are improperly insured, or are managed in a manner which does not assure compliance with the law and these rules by its licensed employees.

    80(1) The Division is located at 4040 Esplanade Way, Tallahassee, Florida. The mailing address is: Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing, P. O. Box 9100, Tallahassee, Florida 32315-9100. The Division maintains office hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday except state holidays.

    128(2) Persons may contact the Division at the following numbers:

    138Director/Assistant Director


    141Compliance Section


    144Bureau of Regulation and Enforcement


    150Bureau of License Issuance


    155Bureau of Support Services


    160Additionally, the Division maintains regional offices in the following locations:

    170Jacksonville Regional Office

    1737825 Baymeadows Way

    176Suite 106A, Center Building

    180Jacksonville, Florida 32256



    184Tallahassee Regional Office

    1874040 Esplanade Way, Suite 101

    192Tallahassee, Florida 32399



    196Ft. Walton Regional Office

    200111 Racetrack Road

    203Unit 111-C, Choctaw Plaza

    207Ft. Walton, Florida 32547



    212West Palm Beach Regional Office

    217400 N. Congress Avenue, Suite 240

    223West Palm Beach, Florida 33401



    229Miami-Dade Regional Office

    2327739 N.W. 48th Street, Suite 140

    238Miami, Florida 33166



    242Orlando Regional Office

    2451707 Orlando Central Parkway

    249Suite 150

    251Orlando, Florida 32801



    255Punta Gorda Regional Office

    259Sumter Crossing Commerce Building

    2634451 Aidan Lance, Suite 102

    268North Port, Florida 34287



    273Tampa Regional Office

    276Interstate Business Park

    2794510 Oak Fair Boulevard, Suite 100

    285Tampa, Florida 33610


    289(3) Definitions. In addition to the definitions contained in Section 299493.6101, F.S., 301the following terms shall mean:

    306(a) The term “equivalent experience” shall mean and include that experience which is substantially identical and equal in force, power, effect or import as the experience gained by a personal knowledge and activity for the required period of time performing the type of service permitted under the license for which application is made. Examples of equivalent experience include detectives and officers of law enforcement agencies of the United States or this state or any county or municipality of this state, insurance investigators or adjustors, special agents, detectives or investigators who have performed such duties as an in-house employee, and investigators for attorneys. Equivalent experience is not limited to these examples.

    416(b) The term “certified law enforcement officer” means a sworn law enforcement or corrections officer who has received certification from the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

    444(c) The term “attorney” means a member of the Florida Bar engaged in the practice of law in this state.

    464(4) Complaints. The complaint of any person which alleges or involves a violation of Chapter 493, F.S., or of these rules shall be filed with any Division office. Where it appears to the Division that there may be or may have been a violation, the Division shall begin an investigation to determine whether a violation has occurred. Upon review of the investigative report prepared in the case, the Division shall determine whether probable cause exists to believe a violation has occurred. Disciplinary cases, and cases in which substantial interests are affected by the Division, shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Section 568120.57, F.S., 570and Chapter 28-106, F.A.C.

    574(5) Declaratory Statements. Any person, entitled to request a declaratory statement from the Division under Chapter 120, F.S., or Chapter 28-105, F.A.C., Model Rules of Procedure, may do so in the manner provided in Section 609120.565, F.S. 611or Chapter 28-105, F.A.C.

    615(6) Division Forms. Requests for public information or copies of the following applications and support forms, which are incorporated by reference in this rule, may be made by contacting any Division office. Addresses for each Division office are listed in subsection (2) of this rule.

    660Election of Rights – Administrative Complaint


    667(eff. 8/93)

    669Election of Rights – License Denial


    676(eff. 8/93)

    678Application for Class “D” Security Officer License


    686(eff. 8/95)

    688Application for Class “G” Statewide Firearm License


    696(eff. 8/95)

    698Personal Inquiry Waiver


    702(eff. 1/95)

    704Disclosure Notice


    707(eff. 1/95)

    709Acknowledgment Card – Class “D”


    715(eff. 1/95)

    717Certification of Insurance


    721(eff. 1/06)

    723Important Notice (Application for Refund Form Enclosed)


    731(eff. 1/95)

    733Employee Action Report


    737(eff. 1/95)

    739Application for School or Training Facility License


    747(eff. 7/27/04)

    749Application for Security Officer Instructor License


    756(eff. 9/95)

    758Termination/Completion of Sponsorship for Private Investigator Intern


    766(eff. 10/94)

    768Termination/Completion of Sponsorship for Recovery Agent Intern


    776(eff. 10/94)

    778Application for Private Investigator or Private Investigator Intern License


    788(eff. 8/95)

    790Application for Recovery Agent or Recovery Agent Intern License


    800(eff. 1/95)

    802Application for Firearms Instructor License


    808(eff. 7/95)

    810Application for Manager’s License


    815(eff. 7/95)

    817Application for Agency License


    822(eff. 8/95)

    824Affidavit of Experience – Class “C”


    831(eff. 1/95)

    833Affidavit of Experience – Class “E”


    840(eff. 1/95)

    842Application for Branch Agency License


    848(eff. 6/95)

    850Application for Recovery Agent Instructor License


    857(eff. 11/95)

    859Letter of Intent to Sponsor Private Investigator Intern


    868(eff. 10/94)

    870Letter of Intent to Sponsor Recovery Agent Intern


    879(eff. 10/94)

    881Affidavit of Experience – Class “MA”, “MB”, “M”, “MR”


    891(eff. 1/95)

    893Firearms Incident Report


    897(eff. 4/93)



    901(eff. 2/96)

    903Temporary Class “G” License – Agency Certification


    911(eff. 10/94)

    913Temporary Class “G” License – Criminal History Background Check


    923(eff. 10/94)

    925Revised/Duplicate/Renewal License Request


    929(eff. 1/95)

    931Compliance Inspection Report


    935(eff. 7/96)

    937Intern Biannual Progress Report


    942(eff. 10/94)

    944Security Officer Training Curriculum Guide


    950(eff. 7/96)

    952Recovery Agent/Intern Curriculum Guide


    957(eff. 7/96)

    959New License Inspection Report


    964(eff. 7/96)

    966School Inspection Report


    970(eff. 6/95)

    972Change of Address


    976(eff. 7/96)

    978(7) Final Orders. The Division hereby adopts the minimum requirements of Chapter 1S-6 and subsection 1-2.001(4), F.A.C., for the indexing, management and availability of final orders. In addition to these requirements, final orders resulting from proceedings under Section 120.535, F.S., are indexed by the Division. Final orders resulting from a challenge to the validity of a rule under Sections 1037120.54(4) 1038or 1039120.56, F.S., 1041are listed or indexed by the Division of Administrative Hearings.

    1051Rulemaking Authority 1053493.6103 FS. 1055Law Implemented 1057493.6102(6), 1058493.6105(6), 1059493.6115(8), 1060493.6121, 1061493.6203(2)-1062(4), 1063493.6303(2), 1064(3) FS. History–New 2-4-91, Amended 7-31-96, 2-17-00, Formerly 1C-3.100, Amended 1-24-06, 5-21-14.


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