60BB-3.0263. Diligent Work Search Requirements (Transferred)

Effective on Sunday, November 27, 2011
  • 1Every two weeks, an individual determined to be eligible for extended benefits must report his or her work search activities. The individual may satisfy this requirement by reporting online at 31http://www.floridajobs.org/32unemployment/EB/index.html, and clicking on the “Claim Your Weeks” icon. When a declared disaster or emergency makes internet filing impractical, or when the claimant needs special assistance or accommodation as defined in paragraph 6460BB-3.013(1)(c), 65F.A.C., the individual may also file his or her report on a Form AWI UCB-60EB (Rev. 12/10), Unemployment Compensation Benefit Weekly Claim Certification, 88http://www.flfules.org/Gateway/refernce.asp?No=Ref-00722 90in the manner prescribed in paragraphs 9660BB-3.0262(1)(b), 97F.A.C. The online work search reports (Form AWI UCB-60EB ONL (Rev 08/10) Weekly Claim Certifications and Form AWI UCB-60EB-ONL (S) (Rev 08/10), Certificaciones para Reclamaciones Semanales), and the Form AWI UCB-60EB (Rev. 12/10), are hereby incorporated by reference into this rule and may be found at http://www.floridajobs.org/Unemployment/ucforms.html.

    144Rulemaking Authority 146443.1317(1)(b) FS. 148Law Implemented 150443.091, 151443.1115, 152443.1117 FS. 154History–New 11-28-10, Amended 11-27-11.


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