60H-1.001. Definitions  

Effective on Sunday, July 19, 2015
  • 1The words and phrases in this chapter shall be construed according to their plain meaning, in light of the context and subject matter, unless expressly defined otherwise in this rule, this chapter or in Section 36255.248, F.S.

    38(1) “Agency” means an official, officer, commission, authority, council, committee, department, division, bureau, board, section or other unit or entity of the Executive Branch of the government of the State of Florida.

    70(2) “Approval of Space Need” means the Department’s acknowledgement that an Agency has met the requirements of Rule 8860H-1.002, 89F.A.C., and, therefore, may proceed to procure, but not execute, the associated lease.

    102(3) “Best Interests of the State” means an efficient and economical use of state resources to achieve Best Leasing Value.

    122(4) “Final Approval” means the Department’s acknowledgement that all applicable requirements have been met and, upon required Department signature, the associated lease is fully-executed.

    146(5) “Lease Action” means the execution, modification, renewal, termination or cancellation of an agreement for the lease of real property.

    166(6) “Lease Agreement” means the approved standard lease form pursuant to Rule 17860H-1.003, 179F.A.C.

    180(7) “Prior Approval” means the Department’s acknowledgement that an Agency has met the requirements of Rule 19660H-1.021, 197F.A.C., and, may proceed to execute the lease acction.

    206(8) “Pool Facility” means a facility under the care and direction of the Department pursuant to Sections 223255.503 224and 225255.511, F.S.

    227(9) “Turnkey Lease” means a lease in which a single entity is procured, through competitive solicitation, to perform all primary activities including, but not limited to, the financing, design, development and post-construction management of real property.

    263Rulemaking Authority 265255.249, 266255.25, 267255.503 FS. 269Law Implemented 271255.249, 272255.25, 273255.503 FS. 275History–New 8-11-75, Amended 8-27-75, 4-25-79, Formerly 13D-7.01, Amended 3-18-86, Formerly 13M-1.001, Amended 4-27-04, 4-29-10, 7-19-15.


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