60H-1.002. Department Approval; of Space Need  

Effective on Thursday, April 29, 2010
  • 1(1) No Agency may proceed with the procurement, negotiation or execution of a Lease unless an Approval of Space Need has been granted by the Department.

    27(2) The requesting Agency shall:

    32(a) Submit Department Form 4105 “Request for Space Need” effective May 2010 incorporated by reference in this rule, which clearly states:

    531. The contact details for the requesting Agency; and

    622. The square footage and location of the desired Lease; and

    733. The intended procurement method.

    78(b) Submit Department Form 4100 “Space Allocation Worksheet” effective May 2010 incorporated by reference in this rule, completed in compliance with Rule 60H-1.0021, F.A.C.; and

    103(c) Acknowledge that no suitable State-owned space would meet the leasing needs being sought.

    117(3) The Department shall grant the Approval of Space Need when the required submissions, as stipulated in this subsection, are in compliance with rule and are in the Best Interests of the State.

    150Rulemaking 151Authority 152255.25, 153255.249, 154255.503(11) FS. 156Law Implemented 158255.249159(1604161)(162b163), (k), (1665167), 168255.25(2)(b), 169(1703)(b), (4)(a172), 173255.503 FS. 175History–New 8-11-75, Amended 4-25-79, Formerly 13D-7.02, Amended 3-18-86, Formerly 13M-1851.002, Amended 2-21-96, 5-13-03, 4-29-10.

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