60H-1.016. Procurement of Leases of Less Than 5,000 Square Feet  

Effective on Thursday, April 29, 2010
  • 1(1) For all leases under 5,000 square feet at least three documented quotes are required which must have the following information:

    23(a) Prospective leased premises building name, if applicable; and

    32(b) Property physical and mailing address; and

    39(c) Prospective landlord full name and business address; and

    48(d) Proposed Net Usable Square Feet being offered; and

    57(e) Proposed rate per Net Usable Square Foot for each year of the term of the lease; and

    75(f) Proposed term in years; and

    81(g) Date proposed leased space will be available; and

    90(h) Proposed tenant improvement amount to be offered; and

    99(i) Proposed landlord’s agent or representative, if applicable; and

    108(j) Whether the proposed facility is an “Energy Star” qualified facility as defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Department of Energy.

    135(2) Upon receipt of documented quotes as stipulated in this subsection, the Agency shall complete Department Form 4137A “Quote Synopsis” effective May 2010 incorporated by reference in this rule, summarizing the quotes received and submit to the Department for review.

    175(3) Without regard to square footage, no Agency shall enter into, within any 12-month period, more than one lease in the same privately owned facility or complex except upon procurement through Competitive Solicitation.

    208Rulemaking Authority 210255.249(4) FS. 212Law Implemented 214255.249(2), 215(4), 216255.25(2)(b), 217(8), 218255.257(4) FS. 220History221222New 2234-29-10.

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