61-30.301. Delinquent License  

Effective on Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  • 1(1) Any license status not renewed prior to the end of each biennial renewal period will automatically convert to a delinquent status.

    23(2) A licensee may convert a delinquent status license to active or inactive status by making a request in writing, remitting the fees as listed below, and complying with the continuing education requirements of Section 58468.8316, F.S.

    60(3) Licensees who wishes to convert a delinquent status license to active or inactive status must remit the following fees with their request to activate their license:

    87(a) Delinquent fee of $25.00;

    92(b) Past Due Renewal fee of $100.00;

    99(c) Past Unlicensed Activity fee of $5.00;

    106(d) Renewal fee of $100.00;

    111(e) Unlicensed Activity fee of $5.00.

    117(4) The failure of a delinquent status licensee to change the status of the license to active or inactive before the expiration of the current licensure period shall render the license void without any further action by the department.

    156(5) A revoked or void license may not be renewed. Anyone with a revoked or null and void license who wishes to provide professional home inspection related services shall:

    185(a) Apply as though he or she had never before been licensed, or

    198(b) Apply for discretionary hardship reinstatement pursuant to Section 207455.271(6)(b), F.S., 209and Rule 21161-30.403, 212F.A.C.

    213Rulemaking Authority 215455.2035, 216455.271, 217468.8315, 218468.8325 FS. 220Law Implemented 222455.271, 223455.2281, 224468.8315, 225468.8317 FS. 227History228‒New 10-22-13, Amended 10-31-17.


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