61A-1.01010. Expendable Retailer Adverising Specialties Exception  

Effective on Sunday, January 12, 2020
  • 1(1) When the specialties advertise wine or spirituous beverages, wine or spirituous beverages industry members may give or sell, and when the specialties advertise malt beverages, malt beverages industry members may sell, at a cost not less than the actual cost of the industry member who purchased them, expendable retailer advertising specialties of nominal value such as trays; coasters; mats; menu cards; napkins; paper, plastic, or Styrofoam cups; thermometers; and similar specialties. Alcoholic beverage lists, menus, and menu cards shall not contain any information other than advertising, alcoholic beverages, and prices. If an industry member provides a vendor with glassware, pitchers, carafes or similar containers made of other materials, whether they advertise beer, wine, or spiritous beverages, such containers shall be sold at a cost not less than the actual cost of the industry member who purchased them.

    139(2) A distributor of malt beverages that has received branded glassware at no cost may give such glassware to vendors licensed for on-premises consumption, subject to the conditions of Section 169561.42(14)(a), 170Florida Statutes.

    172(3) The specialties must advertise a brand or industry member. The vendor’s name, business name, website address, logo, and business address may be printed on these specialties, which shall be intended for use by the vendor or consumers on the vendor’s licensed premises.

    215Rulemaking Authority 217561.11, 218561.42 FS. 220Law Implemented 222561.08, 223561.42 FS. 225History–New 9-15-10, Amended 1-12-20.