61A-3.055. Items Customarily Sold in a Restaurant  

Effective on Tuesday, December 20, 1994
  • 1(1) As used in Section 6565.045, 7Florida Statutes, items customarily sold in a restaurant shall only include the following:

    20(a) Ready to eat appetizer items; or

    27(b) Ready to eat salad items; or

    34(c) Ready to eat entree items; or

    41(d) Ready to eat vegetable items; or

    48(e) Ready to eat dessert items; or

    55(f) Ready to eat fruit items; or

    62(g) Hot or cold beverages.

    67(2) A licensee may petition the division for permission to sell products other than those listed, provided the licensee can show the item is customarily sold in a restaurant. This petition shall be submitted to the director of the division at Northwood Centre, 1940 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1020, and must be approved prior to selling or offering the item for sale.

    130(3) For the purpose of consumption on premises regulations set forth in Section 143565.045, 144Florida Statutes, items customarily sold in a restaurant shall include services or sales authorized in the “Florida Public Lottery Act”, Section 16524.122(4), 166Florida Statutes.

    168Specific Authority 170561.11 FS. 172Law Implemented 174565.045, 17524.122(4) FS. 177History–New 12-20-94.


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