61A-4. Manufacturers And Distributors  

61A-4.003. Delinquent Accounts, Reporting (Repealed)
61A-4.005. Brand Registration
61A-4.007. Salesmen Excluded as Vendors
61A-4.009. Monthly Reports
61A-4.010. Reports, Out of State Shipments
61A-4.011. Inventory Forms, Spirituous, Vinous, and Malt Beverages
61A-4.012. Spirituous Beverages, Distributor Ledger Records or Print-out of Electronic Data Processing Accounting Records
61A-4.013. Malt Beverages, Differential Prices or Change of Prices
61A-4.014. Alcoholic Beverages, Sale to Government Installations
61A-4.018. Rental Between Vendor and Distributor Prohibited
61A-4.020. Storage Permits
61A-4.023. Shipments, for Consumption Outside of Florida
61A-4.028. Delivery or Imports into Florida
61A-4.030. Deliveries to Vendors (Repealed)
61A-4.031. Delivery to Vendors and Accumulated Discounts
61A-4.040. Tax Free Beverages, Vessels or Aircraft
61A-4.041. Passenger Vessels Engaged in Foreign Commerce
61A-4.043. Invoice by Alcoholic Beverages K-LD License Series Distributors, Spirituous, Malt and Vinous Beverages
61A-4.044. Loading Sheets, Beer and Wine Trucks
61A-4.045. Invoice by Alcoholic Beverages J-DBW and J-DB License Series Distributors, Malt Beverages and Wine
61A-4.046. Alcoholic Beverages, Samples, Withdrawals (Repealed)
61A-4.056. Primary American Source of Supply
61A-4.061. Malt Beverages; Exclusive Sales Territories
61A-4.063. Alcoholic Beverage Surcharge Implemented for Consumption-on-Premises Vendors (Repealed)
61A-4.0131. Malt Beverages, Keg Deposits (Repealed)
61A-4.0371. Excise Tax Deduction for Breakage and Spoilage of Alcoholic Beverages
61A-4.0461. Discounts, Alcoholic Beverages (Repealed)
61A-4.0501. Pool Buying - Definition; Creation; Procedures; Record Keeping; Restrictions