61A-4.020. Storage Permits  

Effective on Monday, January 28, 1980
  • 1(1) Manufacturers, rectifiers, distributors, vendors and cooperatives or pool buying vendors who require additional storage outside of their licensed premises must obtain a permit therefor. Such permits can be obtained from the Division without fee, provided that the storage room is located in the same county as the parent place of business of the licensee or agent of such cooperatives or pool buying vendors to whom the permit was issued and provided that no such permits shall be issued to a structure which is or is a part of the residence or garage of a licensee or any employee of any licensee. Such permits authorize the storage of alcoholic beverages only in sealed containers. Applications for such permits shall be made on forms prescribed by the Division for that purpose and shall be submitted to the district supervisor of the district in which the licensed place of business for which the permit is sought is located.

    157(2) The district office will prepare, in quadruplicate, a permit showing the name of the licensee and the licensed premise(s) he owns and operates. The permits will be validated by the signature of the district supervisor and distributed as follows: Original, to be posted on door of storage room; Second Copy, posted with license; Third copy, sent with copy of application and inspection report to Central Office licensing; Fourth copy, filed in field office license file.

    233(3) Applications for off-premises storage permits may be accepted at any time; however, renewals will be issued on an annual basis concurrent with the beverage license year and shall automatically renew with the renewal of the beverage license. Should the ownership of the beverage license change, a new off-premises storage permit will be required, otherwise, the permit shall remain in effect until cancelled by the licensee or division.

    301(4) In the event a licensee discontinues the use of storage permits, both copies shall be forwarded to the district office for cancellation.

    324(5) By acceptance of such storage permit, the licensee shall agree that the storage premise shall be subject to search by authorized employees of the Division, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, and police officers during the hours such premise is occupied.

    363Specific Authority 365516.11 FS. 367Law Implemented 561.07, 370562.03, 371565.03(2) FS. 373History–Repromulgated 12-19-74, Amended 3-1-76, 1-28-80, Formerly 7A-4.20, 7A-4.020.