61B. Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes  

61B-3. Fees And Costs
61B-5. Procedure For Registration
61B-6. Encumbrances And Improvements
61B-7. Contracts, Agreements For Deed And Public Offering Statement
61B-9. Advertising
61B-13. Exemptions
61B-15. Forms And Definitions
61B-17. Filings
61B-18. Documents
61B-19. Educational And Training Programs
61B-20. Developer Obligations And Resolution Guidelines For Condominium Developers
61B-21. Condominium Resolution Guidelines For Unit Owner Controlled Associations
61B-22. Financial And Accounting Requirements; Budgets, Reserves, And Guarantees
61B-23. The Association
61B-24. Creation Of Condominium By Conversion
61B-25. Volunteer And Paid Mediation Rules
61B-29. Mobile Home Rules Definitions
61B-30. Fees, Filings, And Advertising
61B-31. Mobile Home Prospectus And Rental Agreement Rule
61B-32. Mobile Home Mediation Rules
61B-33. Mobile Home Rules For Recalls In Homeowners' Associations
61B-35. Mobile Home Minor Violations
61B-37. Time-Share Plans
61B-39. Filing Requirements For Public Offering Statements
61B-40. Timeshare Accounting And Financial Reporting Requirements Scope; Books And Financial Records; Budgets; Guarantees; Reserves; Financial Reporting
61B-41. Timeshare Penalties
61B-45. The Mandatory Non-Binding Arbitration Rules Of Procedure
61B-50. The Rules Of Procedure Governing Recall Arbitration
61B-60. Yacht And Ship Brokers
61B-75. Cooperatives
61B-76. Accounting And Financial Reporting Requirements; Budgets, Guarantees, And Reserves; Financial Statements And Reports
61B-77. Resolution Guidelines For Cooperative Developers
61B-78. Association Fee And Mailing Address; Cooperative Resolution Guidelines For Unit Owner Controlled Associations
61B-79. Filings
61B-80. The Arbitration Rules Of Procedure Governing Recall And Election Disputes In Homeowners' Associations
61B-81. Substantive Rules For Recalls In Homeowners' Associations.
61B-82. The Rules Of Mediation Procedure In Homeowners' Associations.
61B-83. Certification Of Community Association Mediators And Arbitrators
61B-85. Homeowner Associations