61B-22.002. Accounting Records  

Effective on Tuesday, December 18, 2001
  • 1All associations shall maintain accounting records in sufficient detail to permit determination of the revenues and expenses or receipts and disbursements attributable to separate condominiums and operating and reserve funds. Multicondominium associations shall maintain separate accounting records for the association and for each condominium operated by the association. Multicondominium associations created prior to July 1, 2000, that do not create separate ownership interests of the common surplus of the association for each unit, as provided in Sections 78718.104(4)(h) 79and 80718.110(12), 81Florida Statutes, shall not maintain separate fund balances for the association, and shall allocate all association revenues and expenses to each condominium operated by the association pursuant to the provisions of each condominium’s declaration.

    115Specific Authority 117718.501(1)(f) FS. 119Law Implemented 121718.111(12)(a)11., 122(14), 123718.501 FS. 125History–New 7-11-93, Formerly 7D-22.002, Amended 12-20-95, 12-18-01.


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